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KDE Connect is now available for iOS! Connect your desktop to your phone and other devices for easy file transfers; remote mouse control; remote control of presentation slides; synchronized clipboard and pasteboard; and much more.


KDE Connect now works on most major platforms, including Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and experimentally on macOS, allowing you to hook up all your devices seamlessly.


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woooo some signs of life with @postmarketOS on the Pixel 3 :D

thanks @samueldr for the text offset patch, would have been totally stuck without it :D

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"First Ever Eco-Certified Computer Program: #KDE's Popular PDF-Reader #Okular"

The multi-platform universal document viewer now officially recognized for #sustainable software design.

#Ecolabel awarded for #transparency in #energy use, extending operating lives of devices, and enabling user #autonomy.

1st and only eco-certfied #software within 30 organizations of Global Ecolabelling Network!

Read more here: eco.kde.org/blog/2022-03-16-pr

#GermanEnvAgency #BMUV #BlauerEngel #BlueAngel

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KDE has made it into Google Summer of Code 2022!


Check out the ideas proposed for Krita, NeoChat, Plasma, Plasma Mobile, KStars, Okular, and much, much more here:


#GSoC #GSoC2022

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#plasmamobile received an option for gesture-only (no nav-bar) navigation and it really matters on small screens such as phones. Nice.

#kde #pinephone #pinephonepro

Upcoming maintenance on our Gitlab instance opencode.net on the 28th between 03:30 - 05:30 UTC

Upcoming maintenance on our instance my.opendesktop.org on the 1st of March between 03:30 - 05:30 UTC

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The Kalendar team is proud to announce v. 1.0.0!

We've worked hard to make Kalendar an attractive and featureful application, and we hope you like using it as much as we liked making it!

Read all of this release's additions here:


@kde @carlschwan

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Plasma Mobile Gear 22.02 is Out!🎉 Things to look forward to: Smoother gestures; improvements to the Dialer, NeoChat, Clock, and more; lots of optimizations to the shell and its components.


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If I have to sign in to unsubscribe from any email mailing list, it gets marked as spam.

Upcoming Mastodon Maintenance: February 25 at 03:00 UTC (2 hours)

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Falkon version 3.2, KDE's full-featured desktop web browser, has been released with many new features and fixes. New features include support for screen capturing, a new internal PDF viewer, selection of multiple cookies, and more. See all changes at:


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