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The new KDE Slimbook 4 is here 💻🎉! This elegant and sleek machine now comes with a 5700U Ryzen processor that gives you more raw power combined with a better battery performance.

Check out the full specs here:


Purchase a KDE Slimbook machine and help support our community! @SlimbookEs donates a percentage of each sale 💶 to KDE.

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@haeckerfelix I'm not a GNOME/GTK fan but that blue background on the music app is beautiful!

@kde @javierg In what application? Or do you mean in Plasma's panel?

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The Call for Participation for #Akademy2022 closes on Sunday, 19 June 2022 at 11.59 pm UTC. Don't wait, send your talk now!


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Plasma 5.25 is out! This release introduces A LOT of new things: new gestures, both for touchpads and touchscreens; more customizing, including tinted windows, and synced colors and wallpapers; floating panels; and much more.


had some brief intermittent outages due to our hosting provider, thank you for your patience.

@martijnbraam It could be (and not a good reason) maybe Github shows higher commit projects higher on searches? It's spam either way and gets in the way of finding actual commits within the repo.

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Job opening! KDE needs an "App Stores Support Engineer" to help our projects get their software on app stores everywhere and for all operating systems. Check out the offer: is this you?


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The #Akademy2022 Call for Participation is open!

This is your chance to present your work and ideas to the #KDE community.

Find more information and submit your talk at akademy.kde.org/2022/cfp

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TIL newton’s pendulum has way more „moves“ than I originally thought it has (never owned one myself and just always saw one in films etc.)


gangnam style ft. newton’s pendulum by xmphysics

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Linux stuff 

@tcit And even when it is released, it'll only support 16xx/2xxx and newer cards, so al the older cards are still stuck on the proprietary driver. :(

Linux stuff 

@tcit Don't get too excited, it's cuda only for now, no actual display bits.

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KDE Connect is now available for iOS! Connect your desktop to your phone and other devices for easy file transfers; remote mouse control; remote control of presentation slides; synchronized clipboard and pasteboard; and much more.


KDE Connect now works on most major platforms, including Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and experimentally on macOS, allowing you to hook up all your devices seamlessly.


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