January Update:

CNY starts Feb 1st; production & shipping stand still
#pinephonepro EE orders open
#pinephone keyboard is available
#PineNote e-paper works (!!!) now available for order without coupon
#pinetime InfiniTime 1.8 release best one yet & more!



@PINE64 Is the final production of the Pinephone Pro run expected to have a longer warranty?

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@justinz @PINE64 I think all of their products are just a 30 day warranty. I've got a #pinephone #pinetime #pinepower & #pinecil
I've had no problems with either device other than occasional expected software issues and a broken screen on the phone (which was my fault).

@jawsh @justinz In 2019 I think, @PINE64 announced they would create regional online retail stores with higher prices, but improved support and extended warranty (1 year I believe). Then the pandemic happened and we never heard of it again.

When you look at pine64.com prices, they all have a community pricing and a retail pricing (which is slashed). That's what it is about. So I'm guessing it's still considered, but has been delayed.

@normandc @PINE64 Yeah I hope this is true, however $599USD for the PPP is 50% more than I spent on my Pixel 3a and even the $400USD I spent on that was hard to justify.

@justinz @PINE64
I know it appears quite expensive. Unfortunately, that's the consequence of economy of scale - or lack thereof. The Pixel 3a is considered to have been sold in millions of units, while I believe the original Pinephone and the Pinephone Pro are produced in runs of a few thousands. They're paying a lot more for their components than major phone manufacturers do.

@normandc @PINE64 Yeah that's understandable. Hopefully with adoption by early adopters they can negotiate components at scale pricing.

@jawsh @PINE64 I really hope that is true for all of their users however I cannot justify a $400USD purchase on something that might break in 32 days and become an expensive paperweight.

@justinz @PINE64 szajbka #LORA jest za duża. powinna byc mniejsza bo nie zmieszczą się inne wtyczki obok.

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